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Acommodation Houses

A room with some or all other resources accessible from outside the room but within the same facility.
A single room serving as a bedroom and sitting room and has a kitchen area. Each room has its separate washroom accessible from the room.
A complete house with all resources accessible from within. Has a separate sitting room, kitchen and one or more bedrooms
Have rooms in a dormitory area. Some rooms are self-contained while others have shared or common areas.
Rental facilities for short-term dwelling often with a single bedroom and billed per night.
Self-contained houses with several rooms but rented out for a particular period of time. Usually billed daily.

Business Premises

Small, medium-sized and large rental rooms to set up your business
Rental rooms or spaces to set up your office.
Includes stores, containers, hotel premises, and other premises of different sizes.

Property For Sale

Pieces of land for sale in different parts of the country
Variety of vehicles for sale
Houses and homes for sale

Accomodation Houses

Business Premises

Property For Sale

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